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Programmatic buying hails from the online/digital sector and has evolved to a new science. Although some of these programmatic principles are shared both online and out of home it is not entirely the same.

Digital out of home offers new ways for clients to target audiences. By its very nature DOOH differs from online in many ways. It is better to think of outdoor programmatic as a new way for media, to be bought, sold and consumed…. we could say “DOOH-grammatic”

Digital meets DOOH

Recently significant synergies have emerged between traditional digital advertising and DOOH. Most exciting is the extension of Supply Side Platforms (SSP’s) to include DOOH networks. Orb’s key partnerships facilitate digital planners and buyers to extend their portfolio onto DOOH. Campaigns are fully programmatic in design, consistent with digital metrics and include the additional benefit of being ADBLOCKER FREE.
*Orb screens are enabled



Orb enables brands transmit the right message in the right place at the right time. Our network measures mood for example. Positive sentiment analysis identifies trends, outlining when specific audiences are at their happiest. This facilitates pre-cognitive campaigns where brands can anticipate audiences in buoyant moods e.g. when a football team wins.
Dynamic campaigns can be more message led rather than creative led to support mass copy; real time triggering.
*Orb screens are Liveposter ready

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